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    Numbering Rows in a Table

    Word 2K

    What is the group's recommendation for numbering rows in a table? I need to number each row (centered in its cell) and be able to insert cross references to a given row elswhere in the document. I've tried using a numbered paragraph in the past, but getting the number centered is a pain. The SEQ field works good, but it doesn't look like I can easily create cross references to it unless I manually set bookmarks in the field definitions. This needs to be automatic and easy enough for the novice user to use.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Numbering Rows in a Table


    I just tried a quick experiment with Word 2K.

    Assume you have a col for the number of the row. Select the col and then format it with the Bullets and Numbering dialog (or just press the 1,2,3 icon).

    Now go into the Bullets and Numbering dialog. For the numbering style that you're using (with the heavy line around it), click Customize. Set the Align At and Indent At values to 0 (they're near the bottom). You can also set the Number Position to Center but this doesn't necessarily get the number exactly centered. For this last, just use the center button on the Format toolbar.

    You can cross-ref the row in the usual manner: use the Insert | Cross Reference dialogue and choose Numbered Item.


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