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    Captions and TOC

    I'm using Insert>Caption in Word 97 SR2 to insert captions under figures. I'm using the Chapter Headings feature to number the figures, i.e. Figure 1-2, Figure 3-4. Some of the figures are inserted as text boxes, and some as pictures or objects. Because of the way the document is laid out, I must insert the caption for the text box figures within the text box.

    All is working properly. The captions are numbered correctly regardless of whether the caption is in the text (beneath a picture or object), or in a text box.

    BUT. The captions contained in text boxes don't show up in the Table of Contents. Only the captions which are in the text itself show up. If the caption for Figure 3-4 is in a text box, the TOC skips from Figure 3-3 to Figure 3-5.

    All figure captions are created the same way: Insert>Caption. All are "Figures." And all are numbered properly in the document itself.
    Any ideas on why, or a workaround (other than manual).



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    Re: Captions and TOC

    Hi Don,

    Since the text boxes fall in the drawing layer, they will not be picked up. If you convert the text boxes to Frames, then Word will be able to pick up the captions for the Table of Figures since a Frame falls in the text layer.

    To convert the text box:
    - Right-click and select Format Text box
    - Select the Text Box tab and click "Convert to Frame"

    To expedite the process, click the next text box and press <F4> to repeat the Convert Text Box to Frame command.
    Cheers! <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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