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    Access 2000 (9.06926 SP3)

    In my database I have a patient information table which lists patient Command by abbreviations. I have a Command Table which is used for Spelling out these Commands for Letters, etc. One of the commands has changed from "Force Service Support Group" to "Marine Logistic Groups". The abbreviated name would change from FSSG to MLG.

    I need this change to reflect in all queries, tables, reports.

    Is there an easy way to change all FSSG to read MLG in tables, and Force Service Support Group to Marine Logistic Groups.

    Probably really simple and that is why it seems so hard to me.

    Thank you

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    Re: Access 2000 (9.06926 SP3)

    If you have relationships between the Command table and the other tables that contain command abbreviations, and set Referential Integrity with Cascading Updates, you only need to change the abbreviation and command in the Command table. The abbreviations in the other tables will be updated automatically.

    If you have already changed the abbreviation in the Command table, but don't have the relationships as described above, change the abbreviation back to FSSG. Then create the relationships, set their properties (double click the lines between the tables in the Relationships window). Finally change FSSG to MLG again.

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