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    MP3 files dropout/ embedding vs linking

    Wonder if anyone knows what might be causing the following, and how to remedy it:

    I have some MP3 music file samples linked to tracklist song titles on my website (thanks to some good advice on Woody's FP forum). The MP3s are relatively long for song samples - they play for an average 1 minute each.

    I am finding that when the MP3s download and start playing, the sound only lasts for a second or two at the beginning of the song before dropping out for a couple of seconds, then resuming. Once resumed, the songs are fine to the end of the sample. And if you replay the song after listening to it the first time, there is no dropout at the beginning.

    Anyone have any idea why this dropout is occurring just after the songs begin to play? And if so, can anything be done about it?

    Also, what is the argument for embedding MP3 files on the web page vs linking them as I have done? Do embedded MP3 files download quicker? Would this early momentary dropout problem be solved by embedding the MP3 files?

    I would give it a go and see for myself, but I haven't been successful in getting an embedded MP3 file to work so far.

    PS: It's astounding how much faster these linked MP3s download on Mozilla, compared with slow old IE - 2 or 3 seconds on Mozilla, up to 30 secs on IE. But the dropout problem is the same on both browsers.

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    Re: MP3 files dropout/ embedding vs linking

    Hi Ross,
    The problem with them dropping out is due to the transfer speed. After a certain amount of the file has been downloaded, it begins to play. However, if the feed can't keep up. the player has to pause while the download catches up.
    Basically, I think you need to enforce a pre-load of the file before it begins to play. A quick Google for "preload sound html" brings up a few ideas, such as this from and sitepoint where Flash is used. I haven't looked at it too closely, but Preload page from The Javascript Source may give you another angle.

    You may need to think about balancing the length of download time required and worst-case connection speed for your visitors. If you force them to wait for several minutes while a sample is downloaded, they might lose interest...

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