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Thread: Office 97/2k

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    Office 97/2k


    Is it possible to install Office 2000 in a NT 4 Sp 6a network where
    Office 97 is already installed. I need to use them both for some time
    being therefore I don't want Office 97 uninstalled at this time. I know
    it works on a standalone pc by installing into a different folder.
    If possible, how can that be done in a network?


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    Re: Office 97/2k

    Are you running Office from a network drive rather than locally? If so, the network setup will have to be tweaked to accommodate both versions. If you want to install it on your workstation, you do it the same way as on a standalone PC.

    Keeping them straight is a little tricky, but I've found the easiest way is to name your document files with a 97 or 2K in the name so you know for sure which version it is and then use a Send To shortcut to the individual executables for the version of Office you need for that file. Actually, I only use the Send To trick with Access, because you can save the other kinds of Office documents in a form that works with either version.

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