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    Temporary tables: Why and how? (2003)

    From time to time, I read in this forum about temporary tables. The comments in the threads I've looked at today via search all suggest that the participants know exactly what a temporary table is, why one would a temporary table, and how one builds such a table. Can someone point me to a "primer" on this topic? I have at hand one of those 2-inch thick books on Access, but I can't find a reference to temporary tables.

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    Re: Temporary tables: Why and how? (2003)

    Strictly speaking, there is no such thing in Access. What is generally meant is a table that is created or populated on the fly with data that will not be retained but is only used for something like populating a report. There are temporary tables in SQL Server, but those are a different kind of thing entirely. When we talk about temporary tables in Access, we generally mean a table that is created using a MakeTable query, but it could also be a local table that is permanently in the database but the contents of which are cleared and replaced as needed.

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