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    DAO350.DLL problems

    I just installed Windows OS2000 & Office 2000 on my system. I am now getting an interal error. It points to the DAO350 line in the code. I though DAO360.DLL was supposed to work with 350.

    Is there a way to install a newer DAO or copy/install the 350 jet engine?

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    Re: DAO350.DLL problems

    You can download the mdac 2.6 from:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    Download MDAC 2.6 and the service pack. You might get away with just downloading the service pack (maybe it's a complete package, I don't know yet)

    Anyway be shure to download the Jet 4 as well.Since the Jet drivers are not included in the Mdac download.

    Download the MDAC 2.6 Software Developers Kit is now available for download from Microsoft. It contains updated documentation, headers, libs and typelibs, new and updated sample applications, and developer tools.

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