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    PowerPoint 2002 Viewer - Warning

    We rushed out and purchased Special Edition Office XP because we had a client that needed a presentation "yesterday." I was impressed with PowerPoint 2002 ability to emulate Flash and because I have used PP for years I felt I could get up on my learning curve quickly. I did and my client was in awe.

    Now for the warning. Microsoft hasn't released a viewer for PP 2002. I searched Microsoft's site and finally called when I could not find a viewer. The response was, "HUH." After some discussion and being left on hold a couple of times, I was told to try PP97 viewer to see if it would work. It doesn't. Nor could Microsoft tell when a PP2002 viewer would be available.

    I was forced to install PP2002 on my clients laptop so he could view the presentation. This is probably illegal. Of course none of his clients can view the presentation on their computers.

    What was Microsoft thinking?

    So friends, beware if you plan to upgrade to PP2002 and will need a viewer for PP2002.

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    Re: PowerPoint 2002 Viewer - Warning

    Thanks for the information.
    I guess the PP2002 users will have to save the presentation as a PP2000 file until a new viewer is released.

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