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    Windows Media Player (XP Professional)

    I've done something to screw up WMPlayer.1. I deleted the icon from the desktop (thinking "just the icon") 2. Downloaded Spyware software and ran it.
    Now, The film clips I have will not play in the proper order. There is a random selection going on within each folder, although the files are clearly marked either with numbers or letters, and worked just fine before these two things I did. Is there a way to refresh the Player, or uninstall / reinstall it without having to re-do the whole XP installation ? I have tried renaming some of the clips, but that doesn't change the order they run in. It doesn't matter if the clips were downloaded, copied from camera, DVD, CD or other media. Before they worked, now they don't.
    Thanks for past help.

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    Re: Windows Media Player (XP Professional)

    From Windows Media Player Help:

    "If the items do not play in the order that you expect, the shuffle feature may be turned on. To turn off the shuffle feature, on the Play menu, click Shuffle (the check mark next to the command is removed). "

    If you are still using previous (that came with Windows) version of Windows Media Player, you can download and install Windows Media Player 10

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