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    Special Rule (Outlook 2003)

    Hi folks,

    I am looking to create a rule that would send an automated reply back to anyone who sends me an attachment, but I want to rule to apply only to EXTERNAL email addresses, and not to people internal to my company. The rule must also work without Outlook being open (server side). Is there a way to do this?


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    Re: Special Rule (Outlook 2003)

    Both criteria exist, more or less. "Has an attachment" is a standard checkbox. And I know that you can distinguish external from internal mail because external mail has message headers and internal mail does not (these are the "Internet Headers" you see -- or don't see -- when you open a message and use View>Options...). Outlook 2003's rules can look for text in the message headers (such as "From:") to verify that it is an external message.

    When it comes time to specify the action, choose "have server reply using a specified message," not "reply using a template" because the latter must be a client-side rule.

    Does it work?

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