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    Shared Contacts

    Hi! I'm new here and have been browsing to hundreds of messages but failed so far to find what I'm looking for. My question is:
    Is there any other way of sharing contacts list over a network without using Net Folders or having an Exchange Server?

    I've used Net Folders with disappointing results as it is unreliable and rather limited. Other users get incomplete listings and the system starts acting up when I have more than 20 subscribers. Is it time to consider buying that Exchange Server?

    I have WIndows 98SE and Outlook 2000 SR1 (although some users still have Windows 95 and Outlook 98). Setup is Internet Mail Only.

    I really would appreciate any input.

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    Re: Shared Contacts

    20 subscribers? yes, it's time for exchange server.

    there really is not other good method of sharing, especially for a large group. there are some workarounds - imap server for contacts for example - that are ok for small groups that can't justify the cost of exchange. for larger groups, exchange's additional features are well worth the expense.

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