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    Compile Error-Office 2000

    Everytime I open Word or Excel I get an error box entitled "Microsoft Visual Basic" with the message "Compile error in hidden module: AutoExec".
    When I click on the OK button they both seem to work fine. Anybody have any idea what's causing this?
    (I tried re-installing but it didn't help.)

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    Re: Compile Error-Office 2000

    It sounds like there is a compile error in a global template that is in your startup directory - most frequent cause for this is installing some other application that features some kind of integration with Word or Excel.

    In Word you can check this by, once Word is running, going to Tools>Templates and Add-Ins and looking to see if there is anything listed under Global templates and add-ins.

    If there is anything listed there, you could try removing it (via Windows Explorer, with Word closed) from the startup directory. Then restart Word and see if that solves the problem.

    To locate the startup directory in Word, you can go to Tools>Options> File Locations tab, and see what location is listed for the Startup directory. If the full path is truncated in the display, you can select the word Startup and then click Modify - in the Modify Location dialog that appears, you should see the full path at the bottom next to "Folder name:".


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    Re: Compile Error-Office 2000

    Thanks, Gary. Turns out the startup file was empty. Somehow everything that was supposed to be there had relocated to a new address. I changed the startup folder address and this still did not fix the issue. Upon closer examination I noticed the icons that are inserted in Word for Adobe Acrobat were missing. I reinstalled Acrobat and restarted the computer. This fixed the issue.
    Thanks again.

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