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    Secutity, Attachment Security Macro Security et al (Outlook 2003 SP2)

    My Office on my pc at work has just has just been upgraded. In the previous version of Outlook I could copy a shortcut into a Task. Double-click on the shortcut would open the file, and by default, the file's extension would open the applicable program.
    When I first tried this after the install, my old tasks appeared, but the shortcuts were missing. A dialog box at the top of the task said that attachments had been blocked. I probably should have come here first, but I googled the error message and found links to suggestions that I edit my registry and so on. One site "Vision Tech" offered a program to disable the security by link type (extension). So with that, I can now open the tasks and see the shortcuts I originally placed in them.
    But the next step has me even more confounded. Now that I can click on the shortcut, Outlook wants me to save the link, presumably so that anti-virus can scan it. Well, that defeats the whole purpose of the link I pasted into the Task in the first place, which was to save me the trouble of navigating to a link to click on.
    Is there a workaround to this? I sure can't find anything that looks like a Security option.

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    Re: Secutity, Attachment Security Macro Security e

    Attachment security is a bit of a blunt instrument: Microsoft meant well, but as in your case, what makes sense for messages coming from the Internet doesn't really make sense for tasks.

    Frankly, it has been a long time since I looked into this, and now that we are using Exchange, I suspect that some of my options might be under the control of the server administrator. If you can't find a workaround in the MSKB, perhaps there is something in the security articles at Slipstick?

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