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    Find object and bullet/numbering (2003)

    I have a document converted from XML to RTF, and all formatting comes through as Normal style with manual formatting. I'm trying to globally replace based on these manual formats. It's not working very well for numbered or bulleted lists.

    Because of Word's "submerged" numbering formats, I can't just use the numbers displayed as Left Indent and Hanging Indent when I do Format - Paragraph. They don't find the bulleted paragraphs. I tried recording a macro where I applied the formatting, but those numbers also don't work.

    For example, when I do Format - Paragraph, I have Left: 2.09", Hanging: 0.12". That recorded as Left: 2.21" and First Line Indent: -0.12" Specifying either of these sets of numbers in Selection.Find.ParagraphFormat finds nothing in the document.

    After setting the Find parameters programmatically, it also includes Right: 0 ch. I don't know what that is, or if it is different than Right: 0"

    Any suggestions of how I can search for these bulleted paragraphs by formatting?

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    Re: Find object and bullet/numbering (2003)

    To answer just one question, I believe a "ch" unit is a "character," which is not meaningful for proportional width fonts.

    To move upstream a bit, if there is an appropriate XSLT style sheet for the XML file, you should, at least in theory, be able to get a better conversion than the one you're getting.

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