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    Preview Pane - How to control font size & type?

    Hi everyone,
    I seem to have mastered the control of my Outlook 2000 Inbox etc displays, adjustment is perhaps tedious & "MS Clumsy" but it works.
    I wear specs & although my eyesight is pretty normal with this correction I have always found difficulty with what appears to be the default Preview Pane display which I think is "Times NR" serif & all. Size is also for me at least one point too small.
    I have been advised that what is displayed is what has been sent, & worse, that I can exert no pre-set control over the display in preview pane.
    Hope this is not the case because for me it is one of life's perpetual irritating nuisances.
    Are there workarounds, third party SW tweaks or any other suggestions that I should try.


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    Re: Preview Pane - How to control font size & type?

    I assume your talking about the message body and not the title area in the preview pane. If that's the case, I can share on slick trick with you, but it requires a wheel mouse.

    Hold the control key and wheel up or down to increase or decrease the font size. It does not stay static and you will have to adjust this on a per-message basis but it's easy and it works.

    This also works in Internet Explorer. You can change IE's font settings and affect those in the preview pane, which is really just a componetized part of IE (love it or leave it).

    BTW, if you don't have a wheel mouse already, I highly recommend picking one up. Once you use a wheel mouse you will know why!

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