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    joanna gorgeous

    Word cannot fire event? WHY NOT???

    Hi y'all,
    I'm running word2000 on win98, and have been using a very neat little word macro to alter the outlook message class on new forms that i've devised in outlook. it's been working an absolute dream for the last year.

    today, i run the macro and get told "word cannot fire the event". i'm stumped. what do i do? there's nothing wrong with the macro because it works fine on other peoples pcs.

    i'm a bit dumb when it comes to macros. i've no idea why this won't work. can anyone help?


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    Re: Word cannot fire event? WHY NOT???

    Hi jo,

    It may be that you'll need to post the code here, to have a chance at getting a solution - not that that will guarantee anyone will have a solution <g> - but hard to diagnose the problem without seeing what the macro is doing.


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    Re: Word cannot fire event? WHY NOT???

    Jo, I remember getting that particular error message with Word about a year ago. However, it was nothing to do with a macro, cos I don't use them. But for the life of me cannot remember what the problem was associated with, nor what the solution was. Sorry I cannot help you with the problem but just wanted to let you know it may not necessarily be associated with a macro.

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