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    Validation of FP2000 html (MS Visual Basic 6.3)

    Attached is a TXT file of code that I have downloaded & trying (!) to use.

    There is a compile error, `Variable not defined', that I am not competent to deal with. I would appreciate assistance in rectifying the error that I have noted by an indication as follows:

    'Compile error in next line - Variable not defined

    Form_tidy_output.TextBox_tidy_output.Text = sOutput

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    Re: Validation of FP2000 html (MS Visual Basic 6.3)

    The zip file you downloaded from Integrating Offline XHTML Validation into FrontPage contains a userform (Form_output.frm and Form_output.frx). You must import that form into the Visual Basic Editor (File | Import File...). The name of the form is Form_tidy_output, and it contains a text box TextBox_tidy_output.

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