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    Excel 2003 (2000)

    I am getting a new version of Excel - 2003. I see others that have 2003 and I don't like all the fetures like the indicator in the corner of a cell to let you know that it is a calculation. Is there a way to disable any new automatic feature that I don't want to see?

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    Re: Excel 2003 (2000)

    In Tools | Options...:
    In the Error Checking tab, clear the "Enable background error checking" check box. This will hide the green error indicator in the upper left corner of a cell.
    Also: In the Edit tab: clear the "Show Paste Options buttons" and "Show Insert Options buttons" check boxes. This will hide the smart tags that appear when you paste.

    In Tools | AutoCorrect Options...:
    In the Smart Tags tab, clear the "Label data with smart tags" check box. This will prevent smart tags to be displayed for certain types of data, such as person names.

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