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    ConvertNumbersToText vs Page and Section Breaks (all)

    I've had code running for a while that uses
    to get around the problem that Acrobat 5 and 6 (but not 7) ignores the automatic numbers on paragraphs it turns into bookmarks.

    Little did I know that if your paragraph starts with a page break or section break, i.e.
    -----Page Break-----
    2. -> Something Somethinig
    It gets changed by the above code to
    2.->-----------Page Break-------------
    Something Something
    And it's worse with Section Breaks -- you get two numbers: one before the section break, one where you meant to have it!

    I try to get people to use the Page Break Before attribute on the paragraph, but they seem to like that evil page break. And sometimes, you just have to use a section break.
    My code is now going to have to sneak through the document, find page breaks and section breaks in numbered paragraphs, drop in a hidden paragraph mark after the break, and change the style to something not numbered. Bleah.

    Thanks for letting me vent,

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    Re: ConvertNumbersToText vs Page and Section Breaks (all)

    > Thanks for letting me vent,

    Thanks for venting so constructively, it might help someone else one day.


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