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    Using printer on LPT1 on USB port (WinXP Version ?

    I know this might be more of a DOS thing but I had no idea where to post it except here.

    A new portable running winXP and has no LPT ports but only USB's.

    A DOS application is still used on this computer and needs to access the printer through LPT1.

    Using a shared printer (files and printer sharing), I thought of using 'NET USE LPT1 yadamachineyadaresource' to redirect stuff from the LPT1 to USB port printer which works fine as long as I'm plugged in to a network or the internet (being a network itself).

    If I try to use this NET USE command without being logged on to the internet (there's no other network where this portable is used) I keep getting errors like error 50, 53 or 66.

    Does anyone know why NET USE can't be used without being on a network ?

    Would anyone know of an application (or other way) that would help me redirect stuff being sent to LPT1 to a USB printer port for a DOS application ?

    Thanks in advance

    Have a nice week-end

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    Re: Using printer on LPT1 on USB port (WinXP Version ?

    1. Share your printer connected to USB port (open Printers folder, right-click an icon representing your printer, from pop-up menu select Share and choose a sharename, say, "Printer").

    2. Run this command:

    net use lpt1: localhostPRINTER /persistent:yes

    Without a column ( : ) after lpt1 this command would not work; in this case you must use yourcomputername

    If you have a problem with NET USE command, try to install virtual loopback adapter, as described in
    HOWTO: Pint to a USB Printer from DOS in Windows XP

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