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    Need Help With SQL Referencing (2000)

    Could someone tell me what the following line of code means, or what it is doing?

    adaptation_mySQL.bugClefPrimaire Me, "transactionbase", "transactionID"

    I'm having some trouble trying to figure out why the addition of new contacts in my database doesn't bring up the transaction box. Well it brings up the box but nothing is in it--you can't enter a transaction. All the transactions on previous contacts show up, but now any new ones don't show the transaction box.

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    Re: Need Help With SQL Referencing (2000)

    bugClefPrimaire must be a custom function or procedure, so it's impossible for us to say anything about it. You could do the following:
    - Right-click somewhere in the word bugClefPrimaire.
    - Select Definition from the popup menu.
    - Perhaps studying the code will show you what happens.
    - Otherwise, post the code for bugClefPrimaire; if it is long, copy it into a text file and attach that to a reply.

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