Abbreviated copy of correspondance with new user below as suggested by Eileen.
I appear to be using the site just fine - maybe I should not have stooped so low as to read the setup instructions.
OS win 98SE, Office 2000, IE 5.01

Eileen, Thanks for the very prompt response.
I knew this would happen....I followed some quite detailed instructions (some time ago) to set up my security options & now although I can find my way around to make changes I do not really understrand the significance of the whole range of possible changes. Worse I am not sure that I understand your "just turn off...." suggestion.

This is what I have setup - copied from the security custom level dialogue box:
1) AvtiveX controls 5 options: Have mixture of promp, enable, & disabled.
2) Cookies: Both options enabled.
3) Dwnld 2 Options: Enabled.
4) Java Option: High security.
5) Miscellaneous 8 Options: Range of enable/disable.
6) Scripting 3 Options: All enabled
7) User Authentication Option: Auto Logon - Intranet Zone.
Are further changes actually needed, I do not want to change this stuff about too much if I can help it.