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    Internet Connection Not Working (WinXP Pro/SP-2)

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    This is a response to RStuart on another thread <post#=536096>post 536096</post#> fwhich apparentl has been closed...

    Even though the network says their is limied or no conductivity between the two computers the shares are the same on both (I can read the Slave on the Master but the Slave gets an access error for the Master)...still no internet connection.

    Attached is the result of the IPConfig /ALL test....I use Norton AV and Ewido for viruses and boh check drive <C> and cleaned out the few hits that were found...still the same problem...

    If the last test doesn't identfy the problem I suggest we let it sit for awhile as I doubt I can find someone in Beirut who is expertise enoughto go through the computer (I have tried a couple other people with no succes)...I any more ideas come up let me know...Thanks for all the work....

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    Re: Internet Connection Not Working (WinXP Pro/SP-2)

    Unfortunately the IPCONFIG output on your Server is mostly missing. What seems to be there is very interesting though - it shows multiple network interfaces. Do you know what this "Automatic Tunnelling" device is?

    You can capture the full output of IPCONFIG / ALL by executing the command
    <code>IPCONFIG / ALL > file.txt</code>
    the output will be sent to whatever filename you use for file.txt and you can then post this as an attachment.

    The reason why the computers can see each other, even though they have "limited connectivity" is because, when there is no DHCP server, Windows assigns an address from its Automatic IP Addressing range, this can be seen in the Slave output as the 169. address in use. This enables computers on a small private network to see each other even if there is no server or router. I think you should put your original addresses back, since there seems to be no functioning DHCP server on your network.

    Do you have a manual for this Router, so we can check whether it is supposed to provide DHCP functionality.


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