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    Copy Contact Info to Clipboard (2003 )

    Is there a copy all of the contents of a contact record to the clipboard? The goal is to be able to manipulate the data in the clipboard to insert any of the fields contained in the contact information into a Word document without using the merge feature or be limited to the fields that are available in the address book autotext entry fields.


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    Re: Copy Contact Info to Clipboard (2003 )

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by JohnBF on 21-Nov-05 12:15. )</P>See <!post=this thread,420779>this thread<!/post>. Exporting the record to text and then grabbing it is an easier way to go, but there is sample VBA code, with only a few Contact Item fields, which gets the selected fields into the Clipboard. You can choose additional Fields you want from the VBA Properties listing for Contact Items in the VBE, or from here, drill down in the Item Object under the Inspectors Collection (not the Item Collection). Note: for the code, I initially gave bad advice about Library references that I corrected later in the thread.
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