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    Out of Office Assistant (03; SP1)

    When I travel I activate the "out of office assistant" which of course responds to messages received that I am not in the office. The challenge is to only send the response to certain goups of individuals ie on our Exchange Server ( ***.com) or certain organizations. The reason for doing this is that I receive junk mail and they are also receiving the "out of office" response.

    Your words of wisdom are appreciated,

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    Re: Out of Office Assistant (03; SP1)

    The only option with Out of Office is whether a message is only sent to users on the same Exchange domain, or to Internet addresses too, but that is an Exchange setting that can only be modified by the Exchange administrator, it is not a user-level setting.
    No other customization of Out of Office is possible, so you'll probably have to use the Rules Wizard instead.

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