This might belog in the aV forum, but it may apply to only Firefox users, so I'm posting here.

I ran Liveupdate using NAV 2005 (3 user edition) a fewe minutes ago.

Virus updates loaded with no problem, but got an error for the Trusted applications list.
however, the error message was very clear and led me toa link that indicated I had to re-install LiveUpdate,
AND, more importantly, that FIREFOX users had to manually download the install program and run it locally.

I did that, then ran LU again, this time trusted application list was updated.

Noted a very different interface for LU, so Symantec made some sort of significant change to LU sincew I last ran LU less than two weeks ago.

Could be that non-Firefox folkes also have to re-install LU, but thought I'd mention it here.