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Thread: Font changes

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    Font changes

    EDIT :Refer to and post any replies to <A target="_blank" HREF=>This Thread</A>

    We use various versions of Windows and Office at work, though most of the machines use Office 97/SR2. We have a particular problem with Word, which no one has been able to solve:

    Someone will use a template, using the styles correctly (the styles are all based on Times New Roman, 11pt). Then when admin goes to 'tidy' up the document, several of the headings will change to Times New Roman Bold which looks completely different. Also reapplying the style doesn't change it and the only thing that seems to work is to cut and paste one of the headings that look right over it. The stranger thing is that Times New Roman Bold isn't one of the fonts in the drop down font box.

    I have attached a sample file for you to look at.
    The other strange thing that happens is that the actual 'style' seems to be based on Times New Roman Bold. If you go back and change that for Heading 2 for example, then Heading 1 becomes altered. I find it bizarre and it is causing a great deal of stress at the moment. If you use the question mark 'thingy' to look at what the formatting is, you will see that it is called Times New Roman, (Int'l) Times New Roman Bold.

    Since I have Office 2000, Ctrl +Q seems to work for me to fix the problem, but this does not work on the Office 97 machines.

    Can anybody explain or recommend a solution? If more details are required feel free to e-mail me directly (

    I hope I have explained this well enough to let you understand the problem. Not sure I have!!!! Thanks in advance for any help.

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