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    Excel.Application Controlling an Addin (Access 2002/SP3)

    Following up on my posts, <post#=535,225>post 535,225</post#> and <post#=532639>post 532639</post#>. I'm now wondering about controlling the addin I wrote to clean up Simply Data imported in Excel. Ideally, I'd like to initiate the process from within Access.
    Or do I need to rewrite the Addin within Access?


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    Re: Excel.Application Controlling an Addin (Access 2002/SP3)

    I don't know how to call code from an add-in, perhaps you could ask that in the Excel forum. I'm sure someone there can tell you.

    You could put the code in a standard workbook and call it in the Workbook_Open event. If you open the workbook from Excel using Automation, the Workbook_Open event procedure will run automatically.
    Or you could put the code in Access.

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