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    Customize view (Outlook 2003)

    On my work laptop using OL2003, I can't seem to customize the view. I am in Inbox and click customize view. I select the Received field which is defaulted to a specific width (23.20 characters). I change it to best fit instead. I click OK and exit. But I don't see any changes. I go back into customize view and the setting is back to the default.

    I next try to change the location of the Flag column by moving itp (to the left side). Again, it returns to default.

    Is there some sort of lock in OL2003 I have to disable to make these things stick? Or could it be that since OL runs under Exchange server, that the views are locked through the server?

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    Re: Customize view (Outlook 2003)

    You should be able to customize your views, but corruption and loss of view information has been a problem in earlier versions of Outlook (at least for Internet mail users, not sure about Exchange users).

    Personally, I define my own views. I copy the "closest" view to a new name (e.g., My Inbox) in the using Define Views... dialog, select that view, customize and save it. Hopefully something like that will meet your needs.

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