Hi again.

I wish to give another person limited access to part of my website (a subdomain which she will be adding content to, or modifying content, on a weekly basis).

I have sought advice from my host's helpdesk and they have stated:
"If you have used FrontPage to create the pages on that subdomain, it is best that the other person also uses FrontPage. They will need to have FrontPage installed on their computer. To setup a new user account, you would need to use FrontPage's internal administrative features."

I don't quite understand a couple of things:

1. Would the other person need a copy of the actual subdomain created in FP, as well as FP itself? (ie: would I need to copy the subdomain created on my computer with FP to CD and give the CD to the other person to copy the subdomain to their computer?).

2. What's the new user account I would need to set up and how would I do this, please?

Cheers all.