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    Office Versions Survey (2003 SP2)


    The Office versions survey promoted in OW Thanksgiving 05 has prompted thoughts about the real benefits to me of new versions of Office. I have been a heavy Office user of all versions from 4.3 to 11 (2003), and have developed all the Word and Excel templates for my last two companies.

    I remember Office 2000 as being a great step forward, although cannot remember the details. Since then:

    Benefits since Office 2000:
    1. Outlook - auto-complete on email adresses (XP onwards)
    2. Outlook - spam filter (2003)

    Disbenefits since Office 2000:
    1. Word - it now takes more clicks to open a document from a template (XP onwards)
    2. Word - having to close that unwanted Reviewing toolbar ( it takes up space) over and over again (XP)

    Hardly an earth shattering set of benefits to justify the costs of upgrading,
    which leaves us with just compatibility and support...
    I guess that the XML stuff is v. important for some corporate integrations, but I have seen no examples.

    What am I missing?


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    Re: Office Versions Survey (2003 SP2)

    There were a multitude of new features for all the office applications in the step from Office 2000 to Office XP. For my use they were a lot of convenience tools added. I like the task pane element for PowerPoint, the Mail Merge Wizard, Styles in Word and Reveal Formatting in Word

    To list a few:

    The ability to make non-contigous selections using the Control key
    Improved interface using the task pane, especially the mail merge wizard
    The diagram gallery
    Improvemets in the reviewing process
    The Office clipboard making the clipboard global to all the office products and increasing the capacity to 24 items
    Improved Style interface
    Reveal formatting
    New Translate options
    Smart tags, particularly useful the one that lets you continue a numbered list where you left off, the one that lets you undo auto correct options and the one that offers you formatting choices with copy and paste

    A very convenient Borders toolbar
    Additional options for protection
    Can color Sheet tabs
    A button to put a path into headers and footers
    Diagram Gallery
    Text to Speech tools
    Toggle merge and center button
    Some inconvenience from the automatic background error checking, but it can be disabled in Tools Options
    Some tools that help prevent sorting a single column within itself in a list

    Many additional templates
    Many additional animations and animation schemes
    A much nicer interface using the task panes for applying animations
    Additional sounds
    Additional transitions


    I believe this was the first version to include pivot tables and pivot charts in forms
    Ability to open and use both 2000 and 2002 files without converting
    Some down sides of 2002 with respect to file size
    In the 2003 version the ability to identify the dependent objects

    In general a lot of nice convenient interface changes and some additional functionality. This list is just of what comes to mind right now, this list is definitely not complete.

    If you read the posts in the Excel and Access boards there are predicted significant changes to future versions of Office


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