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    Update Query (97)

    I have been working on a database (see thread 536,547) and was using test data I created. Then, I discovered that the million plus records in the real data table actually had the date field stored as a text value.

    I am trying to use an update query to update the date. the old date field (actually a text field) is DatePosted and I created a new field AdjDate that designated a date field. I have a screen capture of my update query below. When I try to run it, I get an error - Data type Mismatch in Criteria Expression.

    What am i doing wrong? BTW, I tried to simply change the field to date and it crashed due to insufficient memory/disk space.

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    Re: Update Query (97)

    The Update to line should be
    That is, square brackets [ ] around the field name instead of quotes.

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