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    Quicken 2005 and Windows XP (Windows XP SP2)

    Here I am again. Still trying to re-install everything after my motherboard failure. I have Quicken 2005. Instead of backing it up in the usual way, I simply copied the whole directory, including program, on to a DVD instead of making a Quicken backup. Big mistake. Now when I reload Quicken, I can't get the data. I tried using Qdata file that was on the original disk but it's over a year old. I tried copying the entire old folder with all its files into the new folder. Didn't work. I have the old folder both on the original CD that I can access thru the USB port on my new computer and I have the DVD back up. Any ideas?


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    Re: Quicken 2005 and Windows XP (Windows XP SP2)

    In addition to having the copies of the program available, your system also has to be made aware that the program is there. When you install it, it will make entries in your registry to have WIndows recognize that Quicken is now there and ready to use.
    Just copying the files will NOT do that.

    Install the program and then copy over the data files to the new location.

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