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    Pivot Chart ... show all possible values (Access 2003)

    Hi all,

    We have a database which captures people's responses to a questionnaire. We want to then chart the responses. For each question there are about 6 possible responses (although this can change).

    The problem is, when these are charted if there is a response that has not been used it doesn't show on the chart. An example of what the chart looks like is attached, what I would like to show is that if there were another possible response (eg I really hated this) then that data label would show along the X axis and the big blank space above it.

    The possible responses are held in a table which has a response group id, so the possible responses could possibly be picked up from there.

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    Re: Pivot Chart ... show all possible values (Access 2003)

    Create a query based on the table that lists the possible responses and on the table with people's responses, with an outer join on the response identifier, specifying that you want to return ALL records from the table with possible responses.
    Use this query to create the pivot chart.

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