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    Default Options for Tables (allow rows to break) (2003)

    By default when you click on the Table Properties of a table, the Allow Rows to Break Across Page is checked. I would like the default to be un-check. I tried going into the template and checking the compatibility options to "Don't Break wrapped Tables Across Page", but it still has the default of "Allow Rows to break" after I have done that.
    Can someone please assit? Thank you.

    I am working in Office 2003 Professional.

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    Re: Default Options for Tables (allow rows to brea

    You can do this by using Table Styles - In Word 2003 you can assign the Allow Rows to Break attribute to a Table style. Once you have done that you can then assign that table style to be the default table style by right clicking the style in the Styles and Formatting Task Pane and selecting "Select as Default Table Style"
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: Default Options for Tables (allow rows to break) (2003)

    You cannot really set that as default. See this and this newsgroup thread for some workarounds.

    Added: see Andrew's reply below.

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