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    Custom Colours Disappearing (Visio 2000 SR1)

    Hello all,
    I have a drawing in Visio and need to make multiple instances of it to put into a word document. We are using bright and dull colours to emphasis different parts of the diagram in different sections of the document.
    How can I save these custom colours into the Visio file? Every time I close and re-open Visio, all my custom colours have disappeared from the custom palette.
    The help is most unhelpful.
    I thought I might experiment with a COLOR SCHEME but I can't find it in any menu and the help doesn't tell me how to access it.
    (and yes, when searching I spell it 'color')

    I just copied and pasted a shape from my diagram into a new blank file and ALL THE COLOURS DISAPPEARED. The pasted shape is Black and White. Help! Please!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Custom Colours Disappearing (Visio 2000 SR1)

    This may not be exactly the same for you in Visio 2000 (I am using Visio 2003) but I seem to remember the same functionality there. The best example of the Colour Schemes is available through the Organisation Chart Wizard. Create a new doc using the Org Chart wizard.

    To change the colours, go to Shape > Actions > Color Schemes (This is where schemes hide in Visio 2003) - Note that to replicate this type of change in your docs you will first need to understand and use styles.

    To change the object shapes globally you go the customised menu option Organisation Chart > Options > Theme. Note: to replicate this type of change in your docs you will first need to understand and use the Shape Sheets.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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