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It's deja vu all over again.

Last October, you folks saved my system (and my sanity). HansV and viking33 were particularly helpful.StuartR is a superhero. I think the thread number is <post:=414,332>post 414,332</post:>.

I worked through the Knowledge Base guidelines for Save Password Setting Not Retained in Outlook (KB#: 290684) and I used the steps that StuartR came up with that finally made deleting the Protect Storage System Provider subkey work.

Slightly more than a year later, the problem is back and that solution doesn't seem to work. I've deleted the subkey repeatedly and I keep getting the Enter Network Password prompt. My e-mail has been slowed to a crawl.

I went into the e-mail accounts and sent test messages for the two mail profiles set up for my computer (one with my name and Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings). The test messages for both work fine. But, when I try to receive them, I get the Enter Network Password prompt.

Short of pushing my computer off the desk, does anyone have any further suggestions?

Thank you.