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    Name sort in a table (Access XP)

    I have a two separate fields in a table, one for Last Name and one for First Name. I want an additional field for Name Sort that would be filled in automatically with the Last Name and First Name from the respective fields. How do I do this? Thank you.


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    Re: Name sort in a table (Access XP)

    You can do this in a query: create a query based on the table, add the fields you need, and enter the following in the first empty column:

    Name Sort: [Last Name] & ", " & [First Name]

    You can use this query as basis for forms and reports (and for other queries, if necessary).

    You shouldn't store the Name Sort field in the table itself:
    - It is redundant information.
    - You'd run the risk that it is not kept up-to-date if a first or last name is edited.

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