Installed Ghost 10 on 29 November 2005.

Created a Recovery point set to include all 10 drives. Let's say I named the critter Set1.

I ran a backup to a USB drive.

Then I swapped in another USB drive and tried to create another recovery point set, which I tried to name Set2.

I was not allowed to do that as logical drives can be assigned to only one recovery set.

So I continued with the backup and another Set1 was created on the 2nd USB drive.

Is there any to use a different name for the recovery set on each USB drive? Makes it easier to keep track of things.

OK, a few minutes ago, I tried to Explore and Browse the recovery sets.

Alas, the list of recovery points does not distinguish between the sets that are on each drive, so I naturally get an error trying to access a recovery point not on the currently mounted USB volume.

With Retrospect, I am able to use a different backup set name on each drive, makes things a whole lot easier.

Does Acronis True Image 9 work the same way?