I don't know if anyone but me uses the Natural Multimedia Keyboard, Multimedia Keyboard, Wireless Optical Desktop Keyboard, Wireless Optical Desktop Pro Keyboard or Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth Keyboard.

If so, I as well do not know if anyone bu me has ever wished that the "F-Key", (Microsoft's well-intentioned key to swap the meanings for the function keys on these keyboards) was reversed so that the default woul;d be the "old keycodes" and the "enhanced keycodes" would be available when the F-key was pressed (activating the light for same)>

Jf so to the above, the entries below might very well be of interest. They were to me.

I've set them up, and they work admirably.

I removed the 'zip' from the 'zip' extension and changed it to 'txt'
' to bypass the network guardian. Just put it back, and go from there...

Chuck Billow