Can anyone help me? Its my first project, and I am trying to create a website that shows the amount of data that my team backs up or protects. We have several client server that we backup, each one having huge amounts of data. All of this information is contained in an Access2000 database.
Part of the complexity is that these are raw data, which means I have to make caculations on these data to make them meaninful and relevant to those who see them.

Furthermore, I get this output of data every week, which means I have to transfer the data in my Access file every week and somehow establish an updating process so that the website is updated every week, giving users a choice of seeing current or previous weeks backup statistics.

I have two questions:

1) Where should I make the calculations? Is it better to partition the data into queries and then make sum calculations in Access? Or is it better to put all the data in one table and do the calculations in Frontpage?

2)Considering I get the same type of data every week, how can I structure my database so that updating the website to display current data (from the new week) as well as previous weeks' data, with minimal hard coding?

Thanks in advance and I really need your help!