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    Rules Wizard: Run a Scripts? (Office 2003 SP2)

    I have a mail that I receive every Monday from a particular sender.
    I receive the email and detach and archive the attachment.

    I recently wrote a macro that does the business for me. When I go to Tools > Macro > Macros my getAttachment macro is there and I can run it and it's all dinky doo.

    However, I would like to create a rule that will execute my macro.
    But when I select the " run a script" check box in the rules wizard, there are no scripts in the dialog box that comes up.

    I think I am getting mixed up with what a macro is , and what a script is.
    Hopefully, one of you guru's can clarify this for me.
    I've searched through the forum and I can see a few references to handling attachments, but nothing as simple as this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rules Wizard: Run a Scripts? (Office 2003 SP2)

    Your VBA sub needs to include an argument referencing the Item that the Rule is operating on. See <!mskb=306108>Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 306108<!/mskb>, especially the paragraph just before the code sample, and the code sample itself.
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    Re: Rules Wizard: Run a Scripts? (Office 2003 SP2)

    The Rules Wizard says "script" but it means "VBA procedure" AKA macro. The example in <post#=351149>post 351149</post#> illustrates the parenthetical you add to make it appear in the Rules Wizard's list. Of course, procedures with parameters do NOT appear on the macros list...

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