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Thread: books database?

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    books database?

    I am interested in creating a database of my books.
    I am NOT interested in typing in all the info (author
    title etc etc), however. I have read about various
    software packages that purport (some with the help of
    the infamous CueCat) to scan or otherwise take the
    ISBN of the volume in question and find the rest of
    the information online, usually at So my
    question (you can see it coming...) is, can Access do
    anything like that? Has it been done, is it completely
    trivial or completely impossible? I have Access 2000,
    with no service patches. (I also have a Palm IIIxe,
    OS 3.5.2, with HanDBase 2.5, if anything existing can
    work with that it'd be lovely too).

    Many thanks for any info!


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    Re: books database?

    Access is a database engine and an interface development tool. It can only do what you instruct it to through code, either Access/VBA code or the code in libraries, dlls, etc., that it references. I think you're going to have to find something else to go out and search for this information.

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    Re: books database?

    You could try this.

    Scan the text with a C Pen into your Palm IIIxe, running HanDBase. Then link HanDBase to Access with dbX. I have listed more info on the C Pen and dbX below.

    I don't think it will be easy, if at all possible, but I guarantee it will be a lot of fun trying!.

    Please let me know how you get on.


    THE C PEN:-------
    Retain with less pain with the new C Pen digital highlighter!

    The C Pen is a handheld scanner that instantly captures text from printed sources, line by line.

    The C Pen allows you to digitally capture text that you normally highlight, outline, photocopy, or clip... and then transfer it to a computer effortlessly.

    See pictures on:::--

    dbX is a database transaction application for the Palm database system HanDBase from DDH Software and Microsoft Access 97.
    dbX has many new and time saving features like: Group Mode transfers for multiple PDB files, Multi user support, True Syncing with Access Tables! no more duplicate records in Access. HanDBase to Access datatype conversion. dbX has different transfer settings to suit you needs. For Group transfers you can select: Always Ask during operation, Always Append New data / Update Old, Always Overwrite. These settings can be applied on a per-file basis, and allow dbX to run virtually "silently" converting many files without user interaction.

    Se more info on ;;;--

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