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    Links in CSV file are not active when imported (Excel 2003)

    I create a CSV either by hand or via C# and the CSV file has URL links and email. When I open the CSV file in Excel the links are not active, just text. If I type in a link into a cell it becomes a hyperlink. Now the strange part is if I place the curseor into the cell, i.e. I select the cell and then highlight the text of the cell that appears in the input text box of Excel and use the short cut keys of "Ctrl" and "C" then the link becomes active. If I tryping copying the cell contents usign the copy menu the contents do not become active. What attribute or property is lacking on the items in the CSV file?
    I have attached a simple CSV test file.

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    Re: Links in CSV file are not active when imported (Excel 2003)

    A CSV file is a plain text file. Hence URLs and e-mail addresses in a CSV file are plain text too, they don't act as links. They still won't be links when you open the CSV file in Excel.
    If you have turned on "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks" in the "AutoCorrect As You Type" tab of Tools | AutoCorrect Options..., the URLs and e-mail addresses will become hyperlinks if you edit them.
    If you would then save the CSV file (as CSV), the hyperlinks would be lost again, since a CSV file is just a text file. However, if you save it as an Excel workbook, the hyperlinks will be preserved.

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