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    Im not sure where to post this, but will start here.
    I have an small H/O network. This past week, I was on the road, and was unable to connect to any high spped connections. thse first instance happened when I stopped at my brothers house. He as well as I both have Comcast. Usually I am able to take advantage of his wireless, but it was acting flaky according to him, so I connected with a cable. I was un able to access the internet or my e-mail. The next occurance was at a motel, and the same thing happened. I was un able to connect. The third time was also at a friends house again Comcast, and the same thing happened. I was able to use my dial up account w/o any problems. I returned home, and connected just fine to my comcast.
    While on the road, I turned off my ZA firewall to see if that helped, but that didnt help either. The only thing that has / was changed on my laptop was that I was in Vancouver B.C. 2 weeks ago and was connected to a secure network up there. ANy Ideas? as this has never happened before.
    Thanks John
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    Re: Connection

    i wonder if it has anything to do with <post:=539,208>post 539,208</post:>? maybe they are performing server maintenance and are experiencing outages.
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