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    Macro Book (Excel 2003)

    Do you have a recommendation for a book for an Excel user who wants to learn to create macros?

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    Re: Macro Book (Excel 2003)

    We haven't had this discussion for a while. so it will be interesting to see if there are any newcomers. Here is my <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>

    Best for structured learning, reading cover-to-cover: Julitta Korol's MS Excel 2002 VBA/XML Programming and ASP. Note, I've not even looked at this book: I'm unencumbered by knowledge, but the recommendation is based on her Learn Microsoft Excel 2000 VBA Programming which was very good.

    Best for the very hard Excel stuff. A must have reference. John Walkenbach's Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA (Excel Power Programming With VBA). Again, I do not have this, but I do have an earlier edition. It is just about the only Excel book that I use.

    Best because it's cheap and easy to read: Steven Roman's Writing Excel Macros with VBA. I actually have this one. I use it for creating charts with programming.

    Note, the links to Amazon are not an endorsement. I would much rather drive to a local bookseller and see the book before buying. BTW, if you see something you like a local bookstore, buy it there instead of Amazon. I would hate for bookstores to become like dinosaurs. <img src=/S/rantoff.gif border=0 alt=rantoff width=66 height=37> HTH --Sam
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