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    Query help (Acess 2000)

    I created a query from two tables. One field is a yes/no check box. While in this query I would like to check this box for certain records and I am unable to do this. I changed the query to a form and still could not check off the box. What am I doing wrong? I could not find anything under the properties of the query or the form that would help me with this. Thank you.


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    Re: Query help (Acess 2000)

    First of all, each table must have a primary key in order for records to be updateable. Second, the join between the two tables in general must be an equi-join (the default join you get in the QBE grid). If you meet those constraints then your query should be updateable. Otherwise you get the behavior you are seeing. If you want to know more about when queries are updateable, search the Access help for "updateable" and you will get several articles.

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