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    Irregular recurring meetings (Outlook 2003)

    I want to set up a series of meetings that occur every month but not always on the same day. If I choose recurring task I can only do this on a regular basis, ie weekly, monthly etc.
    Rather than inputting all the dates individually, I know there is a way you arrange the meeting and then from a calendar type view pick the day for each month and set this up recurring, but I can't remember how. Can anyone help???

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    Re: Irregular recurring meetings (Outlook 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Outlook doesn't have built-in support for non-regularly recurrent appointments.

    If the majority of the meetings follows a regular pattern, with only a small number of exceptions, you can set up the regular pattern first, then drag the exceptions to different dates/times.

    There is an add-in that handles irregular recurrence, see WS:Repeat Appointment: Advanced Recuring Appointment Manager for Outlook. I have no experience with it, and I am not responsible for the spelling error.

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    Re: Irregular recurring meetings (Outlook 2003)

    Rather than in put all the dates you could set up the first meeting and then Edit | Copy then Paste it into each target day of each month where you want it to be. It will not be a Recurring meeting by Outlook definition, it will be a series of Individual meetings with the same subject and invitees, so any changes will have to be rolled to each meeting.
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