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    Sumif with multiple criteria (XP)

    Hi - I have a column of numbers that I want to add up but only if the associated date is greater than a selected date AND a 'Y' appears in another column. I have a sumif function set up to sum the numbers if the date is greater than a selected date and I was trying to add the second criteria. Does sumif work like this or do I have to use some other function - or create a unique column that returns TRUE based on both tests?
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    Re: Sumif with multiple criteria (XP)

    SUMIF in combination with a column with TRUE/FALSE values that combine the conditions is one way.
    You can also use SUM or SUMPRODUCT. For example, let's say that the dates are in A1:A100, the "Y"s in B1:B100 and the numbers to be added in C1:C100. The comparison date is in F1.


    or as an array formula (confirm with Ctrl+Shift+Enter):


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