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    what are the features of Office developers kit?

    Hi ya

    ALthough I developed using officers developer kit a few years ago.
    I was wondering is someone could tell me the difference between developing in standard office & using the office developers kit.
    Is there information on a site someone - I'm not intereseted in a sales pitch more technical info.

    TIA Diana

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    Re: what are the features of Office developers kit?

    The developer's edition of Office for Office 2000 (it hasn't been called the Developer's Toolkit since around Access 2.0 days) includes a few goodies like the CodeLibrarian which I love, the packaging and deployment wizard (formerly called the setup wizard) which I hate, and the license to distribute the Access runtime.

    It also includes a developer's edition of SQL Server 7.0, which gives you a chance to work with the whole thing rather than the miniscule interface that's available with MSDE. And it includes the HTML Help Workshop, which helps you build HTML help files for your applications.

    The big difference is that when you develop a database in the other versions, you can copy it and share it with someone else who has Access, but you can't create a setup to install that application on another machine, complete with libraries and references, and you can't distribute a runtime version.

    The Microsoft site has plenty of information on the Developer's Edition. Check <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> and browse around.

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